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How to Setup iptv subscription Smart IPTV App (SIPTV)

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This article will tell you what Smart IPTV is and how to download Smart IPTV on different devices and add premium IPTV services.

What is Smart IPTV (SIPTV)?

Smart IPTV, called SIPTV, is an IPTV player with an EPG (Electronic Program Guide), allowing you to quickly access the IPTV channels you need. However, as already mentioned on its official website, Smart IPTV does not include channels, so you have to add your channels via an IPTV subscription. Some confused people think that once the app comes out of the box, it will load channels, but that is not the case.
Those who want to enjoy the benefits of this app will have to add their channels. However, before trying to add channels to the application, you must learn how to install SIPTV on your favorite device as needed – some work.
On some devices, installing this app is as easy as installing the app on your phone, but on other platforms you will need to do more to get the app up and running. In addition, not all platforms are supported, so you should consider which devices are supported by Smart IPTV before delving into those devices.

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What devices does Smart IPTV support?

SMART IPTV is not only an Android app, but it is also available on a large number of Smart TV platforms. However, on some platforms, you may not be able to find it in the official app store, so you will have to download it from its official website.

At the time of writing, the devices supported by SIPTV are Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, LG Smart TV, Samsung Smart TV & MAG. If you own one of these devices, you are lucky because you can use SIPTV without any problems.


How to install Smart IPTV on my Smart TV?

You can do it quickly if you want to install Smart IPTV on your Smart TV. Keep in mind that the configuration only depends on your Smart TV type. If you have a Samsung Smart TV with Tizen OS, you must follow different steps to set up SIPTV, while an LG Smart TV with WebOS will require different installation steps. I will explain both.


How do I install Smart IPTV on my Samsung Smart TV

Samsung has taken the SIPTV application from its official Samsung App Store. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t still install it on your phone. The steps for Tizen OS TVs are the same as those for non-TizenOS TVs.

Tizen OS TVs (J/K/M/N/Q/R/T)

You will need an external USB flash drive to install a Samsung Tizen OS television. You can download the Tizen Wifget zip directory from the official website. Extract it to the root directory on the USB drive.

The application will appear in the My Apps section on the Samsung TV when you insert the USB flash drive.

You must ensure that the contents of your zip file are extracted to the root directory on the USB drive. After this, you can erase the USB drive. The application will still exist on your TV.

To prevent losing your application on restarts of Jseries Tizen TVs you can turn off menu -> Smart Hub. There is no other solution.

Non-Tizen OS TVs (E/ES/F/H/J4/J52)

You will need another file if your Samsung TV doesn’t work with Tizen OS. First, copy the Orsay WIDget file to your root directory on your USB flash drive. Then, plug the USB drive into the TV.

You will find the SIPTV application in the “Samsung Applications” section of your TV.

You can safely take the USB drive off the TV once the application has been installed.


How do I install Smart IPTV on my LG Smart TV

LG’s official Apps store still has the SMART IPTV app available for download. All you have to do is visit the LG Apps Store to search for SIPTV apps under the “Entertainment” category. You can then download the app and install it on your LG TV in just one click. You can use SIPTV with your LG Smart TV once the app is installed.

The app may not be available in your country for some reason. Please log in to the LG App Store in any country supported and download the app there. The app will then be available on your TV and can be accessed from your account in your home country/region.


Install Smart IPTV on the firestick

How do I add premium IPTV subscriptions to Smart IPTV App

The SMART IPTV application is extremely easy to use. This makes it very simple to add M3U channels and playlists. A playlist is necessary to add IPTV channels into SIPTV. You can either use M3U or TXT playlists, both formats are supported. Here’s how to add IPTV channels on SIPTV.

  • Access the SIPTV website.
  • In the MAC field, add the MAC address.
  • Add the M3U URL link to the URL field.
  • If you have limited memory and are unable or unwilling to load the playlist onto your TV, then use the ” Save Online” option.
  • To automatically detect EPG links in playlists, use the “Detect EPG” feature.
  • To send the Smart IPTV application (SIPTV), click “Send”.

It should load all channels in a matter of minutes after restarting the application.


You need IPTV service to view M3U playlists or channels. When you subscribe to a Premium IPTV service you will have very stable M3U playlists or channels and channel quality. ZIKIPTV is an Premium IPTV that offers a 24 Hours trial.


Smart IPTV (SIPTV), is it the best IPTV application?

It all depends on what type of device you own and how easy it is to install IPTV on that device. SIPTV is a great app for Samsung TVs and LG Smart TVs. You can try the trial version for 7 day to get to know it before you purchase the full version.

If your primary device is an Android TV, or Amazon Fire TV, you can find many IPTV apps for Android, some of them free, like IPTVSmarters Pro.

It all comes down to what you are looking for. SIPTV is a top-rated IPTV app for smart TVs.

IPTV Player for Smart TV (Samsung/LG)